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Wrapping Up June

My month of June in pictures, with some words thrown in for you guys that aren’t the picture-book type.

Wrapping Up June | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

1 // Had a lovely time at the wedding of two friends, followed by an after-party at Cain & Abel’s. Coincidentally, the very place where I used to drink dollar beers on Tuesday with this bestie of mine.

2 // Same wedding, different bestie. Had so much fun with my date dancing the night away at Hotel Ella (Ella, Ella ey ey ey).

3 // Kissed Finn’s pink birthmark about a bazillion times, just in the month of June alone.

4 // Armed myself for packing with iced coffee, wine, and pretty peonies to look at.

Wrapping Up June | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

5 // Finally captured the three of us in one picture. Did pretty good, I’d say.

6 // Made some updates to the apartment prior to moving in, including this contact paper update that I mentioned here.

7 // Finished the move! Filled this empty living room up…

8 // …With all the stuff you see here. Still lots of changes to make, but for now I’m just happy that everything fits.

Wrapping Up June | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

9 // I continue to be the third wheel to Matt and Finn’s relationship. They are sickeningly cute together.

10 // Loving my company and the people I work with, especially when they use internet memes to passive-aggressively address the dish-soaking problem in our kitchen.

11 // Realized some neighbors might not be amused by my doormat. (Finn might bark a little occasionally…)

12 // Loving the new neighborhood! There is a huge park with these great tennis courts just blocks away from my new place. Definitely want to get out there soon, before our unseasonably cool summer gets unbearably hot.

Wrapping Up June | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

13 // Discovered Finn’s hero alter ego (Batdog.)

14 // Peonies again, this time at the new place. Unsurprising.

15 // Held our monthly girl’s dinner at Olive & June– SO much fun! Great food, lots of wine, GREAT company, and the cherry on top…

16// …very cool layout, design, architecture, atmosphere, etc. Best part is that the restaurant is in my new neighborhood. +1!

Wrapping Up June | Awfully Big Adventure Blog


17, 18, 19, 20 // Guys, I think I might be a little obsessed with my dog.

So that pretty much wraps up the month- very much consumed by packing and moving, but I got to sprinkle some fun in, thank goodness. What was your favorite part of June?



Project BGA: Moving is the worst.

Tried to think of a clever title, but I couldn’t avoid the truth: moving is the worsttt. But it is done! I woke up at 4:30 a.m. on moving day because anxiety. (The movers aren’t going to show up the couch won’t fit through the door the boxes will never get unpacked, etc. etc. None of those things came true.) My wonderful movers, Javier and Alex (from Army Ant Moving), showed up on time and made me laugh through the whole move. The internet guy showed up on time and I have working interwebz. All of the boxes got unpacked on the day of the move. Best of all, Matt carried out all of my boxes at the end of the day when my legs felt like jello.

I’m still pretty worn out, so I don’t have much to say, but here’s some snapshots from the weekend to give you a quick update on Project BGA.

Cabinet Update: Contact Paper | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

The cabinets at my new place leave something to be desired. I made a quick update in the cabinets using this fun patterned contact paper I found at Target. Makes me happier when I open my cabinets, and is way easier to wipe down than plywood.

Google Chromecast | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

Chromecast is ahmahzing. It is the reason that I am going without cable and just sticking with internet. It works better with my iPhone than my computer, for whatever reason, but still. Very convenient if you want a cheap, easy way to control Netflix or HBOGo from the comfort of your couch.

Project BGA Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

New living room set up! The tufted ottoman is from Target. It seemed bigger in the store…definitely a smidge too small in this space, so it’s going back. Still hunting for the perfect coffee table, and still want a little poof to put under the blue chair. Overall, pleased/relieved that everything fits in my fun size apartment.

Project BGA Dining Room | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

New dining room table! (with the old chairs.) Guess where the table is from? If you guessed Ikea, that is correct! If you guessed that it is produced by Ikea but that I got it off Craigslist, you get me. You just get me. Ultimately the old set will be going to my sister, but until then, the chairs are hanging with me. I’m keeping my eye out for chairs that are smaller and will fit the table/space better.

Finnegan | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

Most importantly, Finn is settling in nicely.

Did you guys do any backbreaking labor over the weekend? Anyone else unpack boxes for 10 hours straight because you can’t stand the idea of not finishing and having to wake up to unpack more boxes the next day? Or are you all just enjoying your summer like normal people, relaxing by the pool?


Wrapping Up May

So I thought that occasionally, maybe some of you (lookin at you, parents) might like to see some posts outside of my most recent gallery wall or Craigslist purchase. What better way to accomplish this than with an iPhone picture dump? Some of these will be repeats if you follow me on instagram (@mollyerich), but some have never been published before. Exclusive content, delivered straight to your desktop or mobile device. For free. Revolutionary.

Anyway, here’s some highlights from my month of May!

Did I mention May is my favorite month? Is it obvious that it’s because it’s my birthday? My birthday is the day after Cinco de Mayo (that’s May 6, just in case you haven’t had your coffee yet), so we typically celebrate with a “Cinco de Molly” theme. This year my friends joined me for dinner at Benji’s Cantina (great margs!) and a little dancing on West 6th Street. The best part was clearly my incredible cake by Cade’s Cakes. This girl is a genius. A God amongst women. It is the best cake I have ever seen or eaten in my life. Yes, that is Finn wearing a sombrero and the sides are covered in Dia de los Muertos-inspired colorful skulls. Literally my dream cake- big props to my mom, sister, and biffle Mere for coordinating it all! Such a fun birthday celebration.

In other “I’m getting older” news- I signed a lease for my very first apartment all on my own! The pic on the left is of my future bedroom (the green will be painted over.) It’s in a great location- close to work, shops, cute neighborhood, etc. It isn’t huge, but it’s mine, ALLLL MINEEEE! I thought I’d feel super excited about making all of the decor decisions on my own- which a part of me does- but I also feel nervous! If I mess it up it’s all my fault. I guess I could blame Finn, but everyone knows he has impeccable taste, so no one would believe me.

Also, I bought a couch for the new place! I didn’t have one, and I found the perfect one on Craigslist, so I jumped on it. (Guess I snuck a Craigslist purchase into this post. Muahahaha) Right now it’s just chillin in our dining room. There’s a Craigslist post to follow, so you’ll get more details on the couch later. And of course I’ll be posting all about the move and decorating the new place!

Exciting family stuff- my sister and I booked a quick trip to Steamboat Springs to visit our brother, Christopher, in July. We haven’t been in forever and I’ve never been in the summer, so I’m incredibly excited! The picture above is from the first time the family went to Steamboat. This was the trip that made Chris fall in love with the town and inspired him to move there. There’s a saying in Steamboat that you move there for the winters and stay there for the summers, so I’m looking forward to experiencing the summer firsthand. Especially because it will be eleventy billion degrees in Austin by that time. We also celebrated our Mama (pictured, with myself and my impressive widow’s peak hairline) and Stepmama for Mother’s Day! We couldn’t be with them for the holiday, but we made sure they know that they are appreciated. 🙂

May was a great month for weird live music. We got to celebrate the engagement of two of our best friends (one of whom is my lovely roommate) with a party at her parents’ house in the hill country. The best part was by far the mariachi band they hired, who took requests and played covers, including Apple Bottom Jeans. I’d like to hire them to follow me around on a daily basis. Matt and I also got to see his FAVORITE band, LC Rocks, with some friends. LC Rocks is an 80s hair-band cover band (cover-hair-band? hair-band cover artists? whatever.) who used to play all of the fraternity parties in college. Luckily we can relive our college glory days because they also play concerts downtown at Cedar Street Courtyard on a semi-regular basis.

Things Austin does well: patio eating. Had a really yummy brunch with Matt (and Finn) at Lucky Robot, pictured on the left. Yep, brunch from a Japanese place. Do itttt. Plus, I tried a new-to-me pizzeria/deli called Little Deli with my co-workers for lunch. (We ate under the tree on the right.) Amazing Italian food. Which brings me to my next point…

I won’t talk much about this because if I do I’ll turn an even deeper shade of green with envy, but my sister is in Florence for 4 weeks. She’s spending her time walking all over the city, drinking wine, taking pictures that will make me jealous and sending them to me, and taking a class about the Italian mafia. Basically living a dream. I’ve never wanted a Freaky Friday body switch so badly.

But you know what Italy doesn’t have? Finn. HA.

If you made it through that, congrats- it was a doozy! What did you guys do this month?? Anyone else listen to a mariachi band sing the words “shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur (with tha fur!!)”?? If so, please drop me a note. That’s a connection we shouldn’t ignore. 

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