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If you sell a product or service, I am happy to share my honest and open opinion on anything that relates to my blog and personal lifestyle. Please email me to discuss this further by clicking here. You can also view my media kit here.



I sometimes use affiliate links in my posts, which means I earn a very small commission if you click on the link or buy something through a link that I have provided. I only use affiliate links for products that I have, endorse, or would be willing to buy for my own home. Doing this allows me to cover some of the costs associated with running this blog.



I am one hundo p transparent on the blog when it comes to sponsored content, products that I have been provided, and affiliate links. You will always know if I am being paid to promote a product or content, and to go further – I do not promote anything that I don’t believe in or that doesn’t make sense with ABA’s message. Since this blog is simply a hobby for me, I find it very easy to say no to sponsored content that makes no sense for this blog’s audience. Alternatively, if there’s an impressive product or brand that I can bring to you and that will pay me for my time and content creation, I think that’s a win/win (or as Michael Scott would say, a win/win/win.)

If you ever have any questions about this, please let me know



Awfully Big Adventure House Call on Apartment Therapy

House Call on Apartment Therapy

Awfully Big Adventure House Tour on The EverygirlApartment Tour on The Everygirl

Awfully Big Adventure Before and After on Apartment Therapy

Living Room Before and After on Apartment Therapy

before and after: a cheerful black accent wall

Black Accent Wall Before and After on Apartment Therapy

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Inspiration Monday on The Divine Living Space

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TV Stands in Small Spaces on Wayfair