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House Tour: Bedroom

Today I’m closing out the house tour with my little bedroom. It’s chock-full of a bed that’s too big for the space, a dresser that’s been gnawed on by my dog, too much art, and a dog crate that’s kind of an eyesore but Finn likes it, so it stays. Hope you enjoy 🙂

House Tour: Bedroom | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

This is what the room looks like from the door. There’s one decent sized window that I accentuate with some big curtains that I purchased years ago from Ikea. I love their sheer, breezy effect and the geometric pattern. I’ve never been one that needed blackout curtains- there is something nice to me about the sun spilling into your room in the morning. The bed is a sleigh bed, which I really don’t need. I could probably save about 6 inches if I switched to a flat headboard and no footboard, but I really like the lines of the sleigh bed and it cost me $Free.99, so it’s tough to part with.

House Tour: Bedroom | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

There’s kind of an orange/blue thing happening, which isn’t shocking because that’s one of my favorite color combinations. The color inspiration started with the duvet cover, which was an incredible Pottery Barn sale find. The Euro shams came along a few years later- a lucky find from West Elm that just happen to match the color of the duvet. The blue patterned throw pillow is from HomeGoods, the sequined pillow is from the West Elm outlet, and the handpainted nightstand is from El Paso Import Co. in Dallas.

Side note: I make my bed almost every morning. If I don’t make my bed in the morning, I make it as soon as I get home from work.  This is one of my most annoying compulsions. My sister would disagree and tell you that my hair-twiddling is my most annoying compulsion. In response to this, I would continue to twiddle my hair while glaring at her. (We love each other, I promise.)

House Tour: Bedroom | Gallery Wall | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

The gallery wall came together with some pieces that I’ve collected over the years that include the blue/orange color combo. The Texas print is from We are 1976 in Dallas, the Museum of Contemporary Art LA print is a lucky hand-me-down from my stepdad, the black and white botanical screenprints are from Target, the the totem pole (made out of cartoon animals, though it’s hard to see in this pic), is also from We are 1976.

House Tour: Bedroom | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

This is the view looking back at the doorway. The dresser, now accented with Finn’s signature chew-marks, is also from El Paso Import Co. The Peter Pan print is a souvenir from my family’s beach trip to Seaside, Florida last summer, and was purchased from Central Square Records. If you ever find yourself in Seaside- please visit this store. I never wanted to leave! The dog crate really is not my favorite thing to look at, but Finn likes to hang out in there while I’m folding laundry, getting dressed, or taking bad iPhone pictures of my room for the blog (you can see a bit of him in this photo.)

Here’s some little thingies hanging around my room. From left to right- some family pics, a lamp from Ikea’s clearance section, my framed graduation announcement (so much cuter than a diploma…), one of my grandpa’s old cigar boxes filled with my grandmother’s handkerchiefs, and some dried roses that Matt gave me for our anniversary. In the middle- my precious tiny clogs, a souvenir from Matt’s trip to Amsterdam last year. On the right- my nightstand with a yummy ginger candle, my bracelets/rings, and a glass-blown heart from my mom and stepdad’s rehearsal dinner (their rehearsal dinner was in a glass-blowing studio.)

So that’s my room! It’s not exactly the serene, tranquil oasis that many people achieve with their bedrooms, but it is filled with things that I love, which is why I like it. Thank you for joining me on this house tour!


Mama’s Bathroom Reno

Hey all! Remember how Mother’s Day was 2 weeks ago? I had a brilliant plan to feature my brilliant mama’s brilliant bathroom renovation as a way to celebrate the holiday in blogland. Then, I got busy for a week, and then another week, and here we are. So let’s just pretend it’s still Mother’s Day (because really, shouldn’t we celebrate that more often than once a year?). Thanks for humoring me. 🙂

I’m very excited to feature this reno. I have to preface this by saying my mom and I are EXTREMELY alike. (Weird, right? It’s like we share genetic material or something.) She gave me my love of color, pattern, texture, etc. Another way we are similar is that we are both terrible at remembering to take “before” photos. I wish you guys could see where this bathroom started. In its first state, it was a very sad, very colorless 70s-era tract house bathroom. Unremarkable materials, textured walls, popcorn ceilings, you name it. Mom gave it new life with some colorful paint on the walls and cabinets, a cute Anthro shower curtain, and fun art, but it was still very dark, cramped, and in need of some love.

Enter Mom (and, to be fair, my stepdad Kent was a big help as well. They are a great design team! To be REALLY fair, I’ll add that they also had a bona fide interior designer.) They brightened the space by knocking down the wall that originally separated the sink area from the toilet/shower area. This allowed the natural light to fill the whole space. Recessed lighting and interior lighting in the tall cabinet help brighten the space as well.

Mama's Bathroom Reno | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

I LOVE the rustic mirror on top of the cleany, shiny tile. Taking the tile to the ceiling makes a great statement. The unexpected orange creme wall color, pulled from the colorful rug, makes the space cheerful. It could be overwhelming, but the toned down colors in the cabinetry and rustic touches help ground the bright color.

Mama's Bathroom Reno | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

The custom vanity has plenty of storage and is a substantial piece, but the open storage on the bottom shelf help it not seem too heavy. Below are some more small touches from the space. So clean and shiny and ready for me to come home and sclathe around in!

If I had to pick a favorite detail, it would probably have to be the awesome turquoise sliding barn door as you enter the room. Seriously. So cute! Love the bit of glass at the top of the door as well.

Mama's Bathroom Reno | Awfully Big Adventure Blog

Looking forward to someday being able to own my own place and make *actual* *permanent* changes! Until then, I’m happy to live vicariously through my madre. She done good!






Project Dith: Phase 1

My wonderful friend Meredith, affectionately called Dith by her nearest and dearest, recently moved into a new place. She knows I go nuts for organization, furniture arrangement, and decorating, so she invited me over to do just that. This is Phase 1 of Project Dith- I’ll be working with her more to find fun pieces to finish her place like a rug, pillows, curtains, etc. But for now, we needed to figure out the best furniture placement, tidy up a bit, and decorate with some of the items she owned already.

Here’s a floor plan so you can attempt to orient yourselves. I had to flip the floor plan provided by her apartment’s website to make it accurate to her place, so the words won’t make sense, but you’ll at least get a better idea for what goes where.


Here’s some before pics- Dith hadn’t quite finished unpacking, and the furniture hadn’t been arranged yet.

Project Dith | Before | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Before | Awfully Big Adventure Project Dith | Before | Awfully Big Adventure

Dith doesn’t own a dining room table, but she does have a desk and sometimes needs a place to get work done at home. We decided for now to turn her dining room into an office. The large painting behind the desk and the smaller painting in the gold frame (second picture) were actually both painted by her grandfather, which I think is incredibly sweet.

Project Dith | Office | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Office | Awfully Big Adventure

We also flipped the TV to the other side of the room so that we aren’t blocking the window. The TV now sits on her Craigslisted Danish buffet turned TV console. The couch was another incredible Craigslist find- it can pull out to be a queen sleeper, and has storage underneath the chaise. I’m kind of (really) jealous of it.

Project Dith | Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure

I really love the personal touches that Dith has added with some items she has collected. The vintage glam lamp and cute chubby bird look great on her new TV console.

Project Dith | Details | Awfully Big Adventure

We created this little gallery wall in her kitchen, spotlighting Dith’s closest friends (including, ahem, myself 🙂 ). Her framed burnt orange print looks great paired with the turquoises and blues in the other picture and frame.

Project Dith | Details | Awfully Big Adventure

This little grouping might be my favorite. Dith’s thrifted Tiffany & Co. bowl looks great with the mercury glass candle and longhorn made from vintage spoons. The whole group sits on her signed Marcel the Shell book. If you haven’t seen Marcel the Shell, please click this link (you can thank me later.) Dith does an incredible Marcel impression- one of the many reasons she is one of my best friends.

Project Dith | Details | Awfully Big Adventure

Now that Phase 1 is complete, I’m so excited to start Phase 2. We’ll be shopping for/thrifting pieces needed to wrap up the rooms and bring them all together. We’re looking for a large piece of art to hang above the couch, a rug, throw pillows, a blanket, maybe some curtains, etc. I can’t wait! Half the fun is finding deals on all of the above- I’ll definitely be posting again with our progress.

Any of you moved recently? Anyone else love unpacking as much as I do? Just me? Cool.