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Project Dith: Phase 1

My wonderful friend Meredith, affectionately called Dith by her nearest and dearest, recently moved into a new place. She knows I go nuts for organization, furniture arrangement, and decorating, so she invited me over to do just that. This is Phase 1 of Project Dith- I’ll be working with her more to find fun pieces to finish her place like a rug, pillows, curtains, etc. But for now, we needed to figure out the best furniture placement, tidy up a bit, and decorate with some of the items she owned already.

Here’s a floor plan so you can attempt to orient yourselves. I had to flip the floor plan provided by her apartment’s website to make it accurate to her place, so the words won’t make sense, but you’ll at least get a better idea for what goes where.


Here’s some before pics- Dith hadn’t quite finished unpacking, and the furniture hadn’t been arranged yet.

Project Dith | Before | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Before | Awfully Big Adventure Project Dith | Before | Awfully Big Adventure

Dith doesn’t own a dining room table, but she does have a desk and sometimes needs a place to get work done at home. We decided for now to turn her dining room into an office. The large painting behind the desk and the smaller painting in the gold frame (second picture) were actually both painted by her grandfather, which I think is incredibly sweet.

Project Dith | Office | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Office | Awfully Big Adventure

We also flipped the TV to the other side of the room so that we aren’t blocking the window. The TV now sits on her Craigslisted Danish buffet turned TV console. The couch was another incredible Craigslist find- it can pull out to be a queen sleeper, and has storage underneath the chaise. I’m kind of (really) jealous of it.

Project Dith | Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure

Project Dith | Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure

I really love the personal touches that Dith has added with some items she has collected. The vintage glam lamp and cute chubby bird look great on her new TV console.

Project Dith | Details | Awfully Big Adventure

We created this little gallery wall in her kitchen, spotlighting Dith’s closest friends (including, ahem, myself 🙂 ). Her framed burnt orange print looks great paired with the turquoises and blues in the other picture and frame.

Project Dith | Details | Awfully Big Adventure

This little grouping might be my favorite. Dith’s thrifted Tiffany & Co. bowl looks great with the mercury glass candle and longhorn made from vintage spoons. The whole group sits on her signed Marcel the Shell book. If you haven’t seen Marcel the Shell, please click this link (you can thank me later.) Dith does an incredible Marcel impression- one of the many reasons she is one of my best friends.

Project Dith | Details | Awfully Big Adventure

Now that Phase 1 is complete, I’m so excited to start Phase 2. We’ll be shopping for/thrifting pieces needed to wrap up the rooms and bring them all together. We’re looking for a large piece of art to hang above the couch, a rug, throw pillows, a blanket, maybe some curtains, etc. I can’t wait! Half the fun is finding deals on all of the above- I’ll definitely be posting again with our progress.

Any of you moved recently? Anyone else love unpacking as much as I do? Just me? Cool.



House Tour: Living Room

Happy Friday and happy House Tour! Today I’m featuring the living room. This is a cozy space with major furnishings (couch, futon, coffee table)  provided by my lovely roommate. The rest of the decor/furniture/crap is mine. Seriously, I have a lot of crap. Every time I move, my mind is blown by the amount of weird items I possess. But when I unpack, it’s those items that start to make my place feel like home again.

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour
The living room, complete with the true-to-life cord running through the middle of the room. Because DVR is that important, guys.

This is your view looking into the room from the double doors that lead into it. I LOVE having doors on this room. It made life much easier when Finn was a tiny pup, because I could contain him in the room with me. It is also really convenient when we have guests stay with us. I also love the punch of red that the couch ads, which is toned down by the neutral art, pillows, and rug. The wood coffee table, Ansel Adams redwood print, and southwestern rug take us into cozy territory, while the striped blanket, gold metallic pillows, and long, flowy curtains add a more updated/feminine feel.

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour
Finn enjoying the futon and looking stately under his portrait.

Turn to your right from the entry to the room, and you’ll find our handy-dandy futon accented by some art (and an unamused/tired puppy dog.) The red door print is a piece gifted to me by my parents, the mirror is the lovely roommate’s, and the red-frame drawing of Finn was given to me by my bestie. (Best present ever.) The awesome Mexican throw blanket is also the lovely roommate’s. She’s from San Antonio and knows where to buy all the best blankets and Mexican mumus. She’s also been stung by a scorpion multiple times and like…actually doesn’t care about that or think it’s cool, so she’s pretty much a superhuman. If I got stung by a scorpion, I’d probably need to go to some type of rehab or counseling to get me through it. I digress. The basket/hamper holds all of our blankets so they are easily accessible.

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour

Standing in the back corner of the room in between the red sofa and white futon gives you this view of the bookshelf/TV console and the patio door. I got the white Ikea Expedit bookshelves for a stupidly low price on Craigslist- one of my proudest moments. They are so basic and could be used for so many things. For now, they work great as a TV console. I display and color coordinate my prettier books and put the uglier (but still worth reading!) books in the black boxes. I use the top of the shelves to display larger items- candles, a flower pot, and a glass container filled with seashells collected on family vacations.

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour

Here’s another view of the console situation. I’m kind of at a loss for what to do over the TV, so I settled on…nothing. There’s already a lot going on in this room, so I think it works for now. At my next place, I’d like to have the TV mounted so that I’m able to use more surface space on the shelves to display more tchotchkes. (Linked to Wikipedia because I obviously had to Google how to spell it, and because I subsequently learned that in some circles “tchotchke” is used as a slang term that means “bimbo,” but in other circles it is a term of endearment meaning “friend.” I prefer the latter, cause I love me some tchotchkes.)

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour
“Como la flor…con tanto amor”

In a crazy full-circle moment, I’d like to spotlight some of my tchotchkes, one of which features a bimbo. Well, a prostitute, to be more specific. I inherited an obsession with all things colorful/Hispanic from my mom. I was with her when we found this lovely little display at La Mariposa in Dallas, and I had to have it. For me it’s more about the color/glitter than the subject matter, but the subject matter is pretty funny/doesn’t hurt.

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour

This little guy came from my sister’s study abroad time in Peru. I just love the colors and thinks it makes such a happy little statement.

Living Room | Awfully Big Adventure House Tour

Here’s the coffee table tray, complete with the necessities- coasters, flowers, and coffee table books. This Edward Gorey book may not look cheerful, but anyone who has read his books or seen his illustrations will understand the weird humor involved. Highly recommend!

So that’s my weird space. Somehow the mix of the roommate’s stuff, my stuff, and my unusual taste in tchotchke’s comes together in a unified-ish way. I love being surrounded by personal items that mean something to me, which is why I proudly display my Dallas neighborhoods and Finn art, books I’ve read time and time again, seashells from family vacations, and funny decor that makes me smile and think of a fun afternoon with my Mom.

How do yall decorate your space? Prostitute art or no prostitute art? The world needs to know.




heyyy brother

No house tour to share today- my brother has been in town for just under a week so it’s been all play and no blog work for me. I have lots of photos to share from his visit, though!

Some background for you- I am the oldest sibling, my brother Christopher is the middle, and my sister Sarah is the youngest. We are super close and hate having Christopher so far away in Colorado, but love that he is so happy there. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a great place to visit.

Chris got in town last Thursday and the first thing we did was take him to eat the best pad thai on God’s green earth at sway. (Note: we are constantly trying to impress Chris with all of the best food/activities/etc that Austin has to offer in an attempt to lure him here. He has to gently remind us that there are no mountains/snow to be found. But I believe that every visit inches him closer and closer to moving here, mountains or not.)

The next day, Chris and Sarah took Finn to the dog park while I was at work. Christopher has an actual big boy camera and took some amazing pictures while they were there. Reallllly puts the iPhone to shame. Love that my siblings are so great to my dog and LOVE that I got some awesome pictures out of his visit.

Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
ball = ultimate happiness. also sticks = ultimate happiness. and other dogs. and new friends. and licking matt’s beard. and snuggling with mom.
Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
he’s really just a blur when we’re at the park.
Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
finn says “i’ve made a huge mistake.”
Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
sun’s out, tongue’s out.
Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
that face. kills me.

That night we hung out at the casa, fed Chris the obligatory meal of Torchy’s tacos and queso, and then headed to the east side to hang at the The White Horse. After some beers we were brave enough to step out on the dance floor and do some two-stepping. Bet they don’t have that in Colorado, do they?? They probably do, actually. hmmph.

White Horse | Awfully Big Adventure
hanging with the white horse at White Horse.

The three of us are kind of terrible at remembering to take pictures together- this is the only one we have from the weekend. Unfortunately I’m looking very squinty-eyed and just HAPPEN to be holding two beers. I promise the two things are unrelated. Chris and Sarah look so cute that I couldn’t help but share the photo.

Siblings | Awfully Big Adventure
it’s impossible to take a picture where one of us isn’t screwing it up. i have chosen to fall on the sword for this one.

After White Horse and a short but meaningful hour spent on 6th street, it was time to head home. The rest of the weekend was spent eating Don Juan’s and getting handshakes from Juan himself, hiking the greenbelt, hitting up the dog park, taking in the view at Mt. Bonnell, and enjoying this incredible weather on gorgeous patios. I said bye to Chris this morning and as usual, got a little teary eyed. I hate to see him go! Until next time, Chrissafer.

What do yall do for fun with your siblings? Better yet, have any of you successfully lured your siblings to live in the same city as you? If so, please contact me with an actionable plan. Thanks in advance. 🙂