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big craigslist purchases

I realized when I wrote the most recent installment of the Whole Enchilada Apartment Checklist that I never wrote about three (literally) big craigslist purchases we made before moving into our apartment last summer- our couch, rug, and washer and dryer.

ikea nockeby teno dark grey 2We were moving to an apartment with two living spaces from an apartment with one very small living space. We planned to use my couch from the tiny apartment in our study, which left our new living room couchless. We wanted a couch that would be able to fit the three of us (Matt, Finn, and myself), so a sofa with an attached chaise was the best fit for the room and our needs. Between moving expenses, a big dog who we like to have on the couch, and knowing we might not be in this apartment for more than a year and therefore might need a different couch next year, we decided to keep our sofa investment to a minimum. Enter craigslist!

ikea nockeby teno dark grey 3

Naturally, I scoured craigslist for months leading up to our move. I’m one of those people that likes to feel settled as soon as possible after moving, so I really didn’t want to wait until after we moved to buy a couch. I had found a few options that might have worked, but they all came with a concession–the price was higher than we had hoped, there wasn’t an attached chaise, etc. I was feeling kind of hopeless in the week leading up to our move when Matt sent me a message– “What about this one?” with a link to the perfect friggin couch.

ikea nockeby teno dark grey

It’s the Ikea Nockeby in the Teno dark grey. I loved the shape–it looked very similar to a more expensive option I had seen at West Elm, and the reviews I read all raved about its durability. I liked that the slipcover was all removable if we needed to have it cleaned. The dimensions could not have been more perfect for our living room. We knew the dark grey color was the right call because of Finn. And, the price was right where we wanted to be. YAY. And that, my friends, is how Matt and I found ourselves carrying a couch down three flights of stairs on the first evening of living together.

west elm craigslisted indigo rug

We also bought an area rug on Craigslist prior to moving in to the new place. The rug was a crazy lucky find–it is an 8′ x 10′ West Elm rug that has been discontinued. The color is so pretty and it has held up beautifully despite lots and lots of playing with a 60 pound dog all over it. It was so inexpensive and really helps our living room feel complete.

west elm craigslisted indigo rug

Finally, we bought a washer and dryer on Craigslist the same weekend we moved in. We got a Maytag set from a cute couple who were expecting their first baby and wanted to replace the set with something super quiet as their nursery was right next to the laundry room. Word to the wise: if you’re using a truck to move a washer and dryer, you may want to put like…even ten seconds worth of thought into how you’re going to get the washing machine off the truck and into your home. Matt was like, “I got this, just tip the washer onto me and I’ll carry it in,” and I had a flash of me doing that and it squashing him like a bug, so we had to wait for some reinforcements. All’s well that ends with all involved parties unsquashed.

craigslist maytag washer dryer

These three purchases went so far in helping us feel settled when we moved in–it was so nice to be able to start some laundry and plop on the couch for some much deserved Netflix after a long and very tiring moving weekend. It was also nice to not feel stressed out financially by what could have been three very costly purchases. Putting in the time and effort (and getting a little lucky) with our Craigslist purchases saved us so much money, which is such a good feeling.

Ikea Nockeby Teno Dark Grey(photo c/o: Paige Vaughn Photography)

Sometimes craigslist is just a timewaster–something fun to browse for no real reason, just to see what good finds are out there. (The neon cactus that I found and didn’t purchase still haunts me.) But sometimes craigslist is a great tool to help save money on big purchases. In both scenarios, I <3 it big time. We owe so much to ye olde Craig! You guys find anything good on the ‘list lately?


*Just to be super clear, craigslist has no clue who I am. I just like singing their praises to help more people to find great deals. 



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my funke new tobias chairs from ikea

No, that’s not a typo in the title. It’s a reference to Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. He’s a bumbling, well-meaning never-nude (“There are DOZENS of us!”) and one of the funniest characters evar.

never nude

I should probably back up a little bit. I needed some new dining chairs to fit my new, smaller dining room table in my new, smaller apartment. (Seen below.) Look how sad my dining room table looks without any chairs to keep him company.

dining table | awfully big adventure blog

Not going to lie, I’ve been hunting since July. Watching…waiting…stalking Craigslist. Originally, I mentioned wanting these guys from Overstock. I liked their modern look, but on second thought I wasn’t sure I wanted white chairs to go with my white table. Plus, I didn’t realllly want to spend $150.

eames eiffel

So, I kept an eye on Craigslist for some clean-lined, smallish chairs under $100. Almost 4 months of NOTHIN. Then, one day, Thou Shall Craigslist came to the rescue. I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: this blog is the shiz. Some kind, unknown (to me) Austinite runs this blog and combs Craigslist daily for the best finds. That person then posts them on the blog. This blog is pretty popular, so these items go fast- which means I’ve never actually secured a purchase that I’ve found through TSC. UNTIL NOW.

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea

::angels sing:: Which brings us back, full circle, to Tobias. See, these are the TOBIAS chairs from Ikea. They are the perfect size and shape. I love that they are transparent since that means they don’t take up much visual space at all in my teeny dining room. I love that the name of these chairs reminds me of my favorite never-nude. And I LOVE that they were $30 each through my Craigslist purchase, instead of $80 each from Ikea.

Picture dump for visually-hungry peeps:

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea


Just proof once again that good things come to those who stalk Craigslist on a regular basis! I’m so tickled with Tobias 1 & 2. Any of you fine peeps finding anything good on CL these days?


wrapping up july

Every month that I sit down to write these, it seems like less and less time has passed between my “wrapping up” posts. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” July had a good reason for passing as quickly as an arrow- it was jam-packed. I don’t know about yall, but when I’m busy I always forget to take pictures. I managed to scrounge up a few to share with you all for this month- even a few that I haven’t Instagrammed previously. 🙂

wrapping up july | awfully big adventure

1// Spent the first weekend in July at Matt’s parents’ awesome lake house at Cedar Creek Lake. The weather was kind to us and the 360 degree view of fireworks around the lake was unbelievable. Couldn’t take any pictures because I was busy plugging my ears but TRUST ME it was awesome.

2// Wouldn’t be 4th of July weekend without Matt’s “Back to Back World War Champs” tank. And his American flag leggings, but it would be rude to accost your eyeballs with those, so I’ve spared you.

3 & 4// We went to Matt’s 10 year reunion that weekend, too. We had a great time with his friends celebrating how old they are. I only have about 300 days until my own ten-year reunion, so I need to milk that joke while I can.

wrapping up july | awfully big adventure

5// I got a little starry-eyed for the nautical-inspired staircase at the lake house. Pretty! And sturdy! Two of my top priorities for any staircase.

6// I was also inspired by my mom’s guest room- love the nightstand, little box, and lamp. (Yep. I love lamp. Love it so much I bought the same one for myself, actually.)

7 & 8// Finn was so well cared for during our lake/reunion weekend. I love the photos I get when we’re gone. He’s so goofy and adorable. Ugh I’m stopping sorryyy

wrapping up july | awfully big adventure

9 & 10// Of course there is the Steamboat Springs, CO trip with my sister to visit my brother that I blogged about here. Wouldn’t mind a cool mountain breeze right about now… and of course I’m always wishing for more time to spend with my Bro Numero Dos. Numero Dos, Chris! I am Numero Uno! All others are numero dos or lower!

11// I would say the average number of mammals on my mom’s couch is around 3.8, so this is actually pretty normal. It’s only remarkable because Finn being accepted by his puppy uncles is pretty cute.

12// One step forward, one step back: blogged about a new rug fail here and a shiny (literally) new coffee table here.

wrapping up july | awfully big adventure

13// Left town again (!!) for our friends’ wedding in Fort Worth. We used the little bit of extra time in DFW we had to spend time with both of my parents. In this photo, Matt is being initiated into my dad’s suburban basketball gang. His cost of entry was not being able to sub-out for 2 hours in the Texas heat/sun. Finn and I watched from the shade and complained loudly about the heat.

14// Had a GREAT time at our friends’ wedding and paid for it HEAVILY the next day. 🙂 But really, a great time with lots of friends from high school and college celebrating the bride and groom. Bonus: we got our first photo booth pic!

15// Now that we’re home for a bit (until we leave this weekend for a river house in New Braunfels), I’ve been a slave to Netflix. My new favorite series is Call the Midwife. It is so adorable and uplifting and British and precious. Makes me want to be a midwife in 1950s England something awful. Or to change my name to Chummy. Can someone please start watching this so I have someone to talk to?? For whatever reason, it’s not Matt’s cup of tea. <— HA, that was a pun, just want to make sure you noticed.

16// In other obsessions, I’ve just started my free trial of Oyster. Guys. It’s like Netflix for books. $9.95/month for access to their whole library. I’ve never been a proponent of e-books, not anti e-books, I just really like holding books, feeling the pages, seeing them on my bookshelves, etc. Anyway, I’ve decided I can stand behind anything that makes me (or anyone) read more. So far this app has done just that! I could go on…it’s organized really well, pretty, lots of great books I’ve been meaning to read forever, but I think you should just check out the free trial for yourself.

That’s about it for July- lots of travel, and when I wasn’t traveling, it was all Netflix, Craigslist, and books. And Finn. How was your July??