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ABA on The Everygirl

I’m so excited to share my apartment tour with you guys- in full! With photos taken on a real camera, by an actual photographer! I’ll be back with more comments on this, but for now I just want to thank the wonderful people at The Everygirl for being so great, for inspiring girls everywhere, and for capturing my tiny apartment in such a great light. (Photography puns!!)

This feature + iced coffee = I may have a heart attack today.

Here’s some sneak peeks…click the link at the bottom of the post for the full tour on The Everygirl!

ABA Apartment Tour on the Everygirl ABA Apartment Tour on the Everygirl ABA Apartment Tour on the Everygirl ABA Apartment Tour on the Everygirl

See the full tour here. Happy Thursday!!


the tiny living room before and after on apartment therapy!

So, the tiny living room got a big break on Apartment Therapy! As an avid reader of their blog/lover of everything they do/subscriber to their life philosophies/possible crazy person, I am SO excited.

Awfully Big Adventure on Apartment Therapy

I sent in some photos of the living room “makeover”- really just the starting point (empty) and the after (filled up with art, furniture, and of course TCHOTCHKES.) (guys, I don’t even have to Google how to spell that word anymore.) I didn’t even know the post had been accepted or that they planned to publish when my mom called me with that sound in her voice like I was in trouble.

Turns out I wasn’t in trouble, just totally clueless. She spilled the beans about the feature that she had come across, and I hyperventilated and was so excited I had a hard time opening my computer. Matt and Finn just stared at me, totally bewildered. (as usual. heh.)

The rest was a flurry of excitement (they like me!), nervous energy (what if people are mean!), and more excitement. Click here if you’d like to check out the post.

If you need me, I’ll be over here like:



my funke new tobias chairs from ikea

No, that’s not a typo in the title. It’s a reference to Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. He’s a bumbling, well-meaning never-nude (“There are DOZENS of us!”) and one of the funniest characters evar.

never nude

I should probably back up a little bit. I needed some new dining chairs to fit my new, smaller dining room table in my new, smaller apartment. (Seen below.) Look how sad my dining room table looks without any chairs to keep him company.

dining table | awfully big adventure blog

Not going to lie, I’ve been hunting since July. Watching…waiting…stalking Craigslist. Originally, I mentioned wanting these guys from Overstock. I liked their modern look, but on second thought I wasn’t sure I wanted white chairs to go with my white table. Plus, I didn’t realllly want to spend $150.

eames eiffel

So, I kept an eye on Craigslist for some clean-lined, smallish chairs under $100. Almost 4 months of NOTHIN. Then, one day, Thou Shall Craigslist came to the rescue. I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: this blog is the shiz. Some kind, unknown (to me) Austinite runs this blog and combs Craigslist daily for the best finds. That person then posts them on the blog. This blog is pretty popular, so these items go fast- which means I’ve never actually secured a purchase that I’ve found through TSC. UNTIL NOW.

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea

::angels sing:: Which brings us back, full circle, to Tobias. See, these are the TOBIAS chairs from Ikea. They are the perfect size and shape. I love that they are transparent since that means they don’t take up much visual space at all in my teeny dining room. I love that the name of these chairs reminds me of my favorite never-nude. And I LOVE that they were $30 each through my Craigslist purchase, instead of $80 each from Ikea.

Picture dump for visually-hungry peeps:

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea

My Funke New Tobias Chairs from Ikea


Just proof once again that good things come to those who stalk Craigslist on a regular basis! I’m so tickled with Tobias 1 & 2. Any of you fine peeps finding anything good on CL these days?